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Meet Jenny, your dedicated Chief Marketing Officer | Inbound, Digital & Social Media Marketer.

Jenny Lee-Koksal
Jenny Lee-KoksalCMO | Inbound, Digital & Social Media Marketer
So enjoy helping businesses achieve Inbound, Digital and Social Media success to Attract, Nurture, Convert and Engage more clients and customers.

Jenny is a great business coach with innovative ideas.
She is results-oriented and will ensure you keep your commitments and achieve your objectives!
Jenny is an outstanding business coach and adviser to small business firms. Beyond the expected technical skills of planning and consulting lies Jenny’s unique capability to win trust with her clients and provoke positive change in their potential. She has a gift for building deep relationships and is incredibly tech savvy with social media and apps.

She has this rare ability to produce a quality body of work of insights for her clients rapidly that seems to inspire action. I would have every confidence hiring Jen and I recommend her as a business coach and adviser to your business if you want results and relationships.

Keith Peel, Author, It's Not About the Money
I was referred to Jenny as a competent and skilled digital marketer who could help me launch an online presence for my financial advisory practice.

Jenny did a great job using her financial services skills and knowledge to not only launch social business channels like Facebook and LinkedIn but is also managing my social pages with relevant and interesting posts to educate and articulate the value of advice to my clients.

I completely outsource my social media marketing to Jenny, and this has been invaluable as I can focus on being a planner while Jenny looks after all things social including publishing posts on LinkedIn.

I am very happy to have Jenny looking after the social media marketing side of things for me.

I have worked with Jenny on a number of occasions and have no hesitation in recommending her services. Her intelligence, positive demeanour and strong communication skills will be of value in any business relationship.
Jenny has made the transition to social media much easier for me than I would ever have been able to do myself. She has optimised my LinkedIn profile in a way that has made me stand out from the crowd. Jenny is easy to work with and provides a great value service. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jenny to any business that needs to optimise their LinkedIn profile or expand their social media presence.
Geoff Whiddon, Dome Financia Group
Jenny has been my Business Development Manager for the last three years. I am a Financial Planner and have spent a lot of that time working and growing my business.

Jenny was able to provide beneficial support to me and pointed out ways that would help to improve my business. She was always there to answer my questions when I needed some assistance.

Jenny has taken our Social media platform from zero to hero by setting up and working our company Facebook page. The work is being delivered in a timely manner with ongoing innovation to target our specific audience.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jenny and Collaboration Cafe to anyone who wants to enhance their Social media profile and engagement.

Jenny has been Lifestyle’s PDM at Sentry and then Financial Wisdom when we moved there in 2011. Jenny is very organised and project oriented, she has provided great support to us and has certainly gone above and beyond the support we have previously received.
Jenny has been instrumental in helping me transition into social media far easier than I would have been able to on my own. Jenny was able to utilise many features of LinkedIn to truly enhance my professional profile, and help me stand out a lot more than before.

It was easy to work with Jenny, and I liked it how Jenny set me a goal to start focusing more on my professional online presence.

I would be happy to recommend Jenny to anyone or to any business who needs a helping hand with LinkedIn or social media in general.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jenny for the last 5 years or so, in her roles as Practice Development Manager for Sentry and Financial Wisdom, as well as in her new capacity of Social Media Guru.

Apart from being a really nice person, Jenny has been a great business partner. She has helped transform our medium sized financial planning business such that we can thrive in the new post FOFA world.

In her new business, she has provided the spark needed to embrace social media (through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and our website). We were stuck in the mud until Jenny provided us with a clear way forward with a minimum of fuss – as is her style. Thanks Jenny.

Jenny has been a great help to us, firstly in bringing to our attention the importance of an effective social media presence, but more importantly in implementing that presence through good ideas, good processes, and a particularly enthusiastic and professional approach.

My LinkedIn Profile is optimised and Facebook are now up and running for us, and growing every day with more ideas and new concepts being tried.

Thanks Jenny for making the process easy for us and sorting out the establishment of our social media. We didn’t have the time or expertise to do it ourselves, and your assistance has been invaluable.

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We like to collaborate, share ideas and work in close partnership to enjoy open transparent conversations. We genuinely care about all our clients, and work to achieve success like it’s our own business.


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We will listen and understand your business problems.

We like to know what your problems are.

We take the time to get to KNOW you and UNDERSTAND your problems. Then, we come up with the right strategy to help solve your business challenges.

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We have listened, and understand what the solutions should be.

We like to showcase our proposed solutions.

We took the time to UNDERSTAND your goals and problems. Now, we have come up with the right solutions to help meet your goals, and to solve your problems.
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Inbound Marketing is marketing focused on getting found by customers. It’s customer-focused. It’s helpful. Inbound is about being a part of the conversation. Being a part of that conversation means sharing helpful, relevant content with the world. It’s about drawing people in -- that’s why it’s called Inbound, after all. And most of all, it’s about creating marketing that people love.


Starting at the beginning, you’ll need to attract strangers to your site, turning them into visitors to becoming prospects. Some of the most important tools to attract new users are blogging, optimising your website, and social media. In today’s world, buyers have all the power. What about the last time you made a purchase? Did you call up sales asking to buy? Or did you hop online and do some research?


Once you’ve attracted new visitors, the next step is to nurture some of them into leads by gathering their contact information, and in return for content engagement and education. Things like eBooks, Whitepapers, videos, blog posts, SlideShares and more. Whatever information or content would be interesting, useful and valuable to your prospects. One of education and empowerment.


Now that you’ve attracted the right visitors and nurtured the right leads with engaging content, it’s time to transform those leads into customers. In the Close stage (converting leads into customers or clients) tools like email and a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) can be used to help sell to the right leads at the right time. Knowing who your Buyer Personas helps with the conversion.


Inbound is all about providing remarkable content to your users, whether they’re visitors, leads, or existing customers. Just because someone is already a customer doesn’t mean that you can forget about them! Inbound companies continue to delight and engage their customer base, turning them into happy promoters of the products and services they love. It's about creating marketing people love.