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How to grab your customer’s attention online?

In a busy and in a somewhat over-crowded online world, how do you stand out and grab your ideal customer’s attention? The answer: CONTENT MARKETING.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the creation and the sharing of online content like blog articles, videos and social media posts with the goal of grabbing people’s attention by generating interest in your business’ products or services.

For example if you’re a financial planner, and you want to generate some interest and understanding about the importance of financial planning, you could create a short educational video and post it on social media or write a short informative article on the benefits of financial planning and publish it on your business website as a blog article. This can also be shared on social media or emailed out to your clients.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Not only does it grab people’s attention online, it helps to boost awareness about you, your expertise, your services and products to build credibility, trust and recognition with your target audience.

People start to take notice of you, and get to understand you and potentially how you could help solve their problems. If someone is looking for a financial planner in their local area, and search for financial planners, your online article might catch the searcher’s attention and as they click on the article to learn more, they are sent to your website where your blog article is viewable.

These days people have the power to pick and choose with whom they want to do business with, and online content bridges the consumer and businesses together. This is a powerful way to start the connection.

Types of content

The best content campaigns should be produced on understanding your customer and their persona like what are their typical challenges, pain points, interests and wants.

Put yourself in the customer’s or client’s shoes, and ask yourself the questions your ideal customers would be most curious about. For example, a typical retiree couple would most want to know if they can afford to retire when they want to and be able to generate a desired level of retirement income. Maybe, as a financial planner, you can write articles based on how to retire early, how to draw sufficient levels of income at retirement or top tips to prepare for a comfortable retirement. These topics would surely grab a pre-retiree’s attention.

Effective Content Creation Tips

When embarking on a content marketing journey, always keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Answer your target audience’s questions.
  2. Provide something of value such as informative and educational pieces.
  3. Keep them keen and interested to learn more from you.
  4. Keep your content easy to understand, and avoid technical ‘jargon’ language.
  5. Keep articles (blogs) short and straight to the point so you don’t bore them.
  6. Be creative and experiment with different content assets like videos, images, articles, infographics etc.

Content marketing is an effective way of boosting your online presence and establishing trust and credibility with your target audience to get noticed and recognised.

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Inbound Marketing is marketing focused on getting found by customers. It’s customer-focused. It’s helpful. Inbound is about being a part of the conversation. Being a part of that conversation means sharing helpful, relevant content with the world. It’s about drawing people in -- that’s why it’s called Inbound, after all. And most of all, it’s about creating marketing that people love.


Starting at the beginning, you’ll need to attract strangers to your site, turning them into visitors to becoming prospects. Some of the most important tools to attract new users are blogging, optimising your website, and social media. In today’s world, buyers have all the power. What about the last time you made a purchase? Did you call up sales asking to buy? Or did you hop online and do some research?


Once you’ve attracted new visitors, the next step is to nurture some of them into leads by gathering their contact information, and in return for content engagement and education. Things like eBooks, Whitepapers, videos, blog posts, SlideShares and more. Whatever information or content would be interesting, useful and valuable to your prospects. One of education and empowerment.


Now that you’ve attracted the right visitors and nurtured the right leads with engaging content, it’s time to transform those leads into customers. In the Close stage (converting leads into customers or clients) tools like email and a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) can be used to help sell to the right leads at the right time. Knowing who your Buyer Personas helps with the conversion.


Inbound is all about providing remarkable content to your users, whether they’re visitors, leads, or existing customers. Just because someone is already a customer doesn’t mean that you can forget about them! Inbound companies continue to delight and engage their customer base, turning them into happy promoters of the products and services they love. It's about creating marketing people love.