What are the perks of hiring a freelance digital marketer?

What are the perks of hiring a freelance digital marketer?

As a small business owner, you have no time to take a breather when you’re overwhelmed with numerous tasks and responsibilities every single day, literally 24/7. When your attention is always on high alert and in constant over-drive mode, the one aspect of business that gets ignored is, marketing. However, in the digital space we are all part of, if you cannot keep up-to-date with the digital and online community of consumers, you’ll certainly get left behind and forgotten.

So, how do you step your toes into the digital space and get online efficiently and effectively?

Hire a freelance digital marketer skilled in various areas of online and digital marketing strategies for businesses, to spearhead your business into the online world to reach your specific online business goals.

What can a freelance digital marketer help you with?

Depending on your digital marketing requirements and needs, a freelance digital marketer can bring diverse skillsets and expertise in the ever-changing and dynamic world of digital and online marketing talent as follows:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy – a digital roadmap specific to your businesses goals and needs
  • Website Design – get your business online with a responsive modern website

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  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – help your business rank in search results organically

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  • Social Media Marketing – help your business connect and engaged with new and existing clients
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – boost your businesses online profile and brand via online advertising
  • Content Marketing – create relevant and client friendly articles to grow your online reputation, authority and expertise

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  • Email Marketing – keep clients informed with fresh updates and news about your business
  • Campaign Management – help launch digital marketing campaigns to target identified business goals

Why hire a freelance digital marketer?

As a business, you may just need some extra support for short projects like running marketing campaigns for a 6 week period to a few hours work to write up some web content.

Maybe you have zero online presence, and you need a professional business website designed and launched or you require ongoing services to manage and update your website with fresh content and updates

When hiring a freelance digital marketer they are super passionate and enthusiastic to work on short to long term projects. They will develop and execute online programs specifically aimed at reaching your business goals.

Flexibility and nimbleness is key driver of the relationship you have with your freelance digital marketer. You can engage digital marketing talent when you want, for as long as you want, on your terms!

You decide on the marketing budget and you can hire freelance digital marketers on monthly retainers, on a daily fee or on an agreed cost per deliverable or any other arrangement agreed upon.

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About the Author:

Jenny Lee-Koksal
Freelance Digital Marketer - Love all things DIGIAL | ONLINE | SOCIAL. I currently help Australian small businesses and solo entrepreneurs who understand the need to go digital but simply lack the time and the knowledge to do so. I become part of your business and assist where I can with your digital marketing needs.

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Inbound Marketing is marketing focused on getting found by customers. It’s customer-focused. It’s helpful. Inbound is about being a part of the conversation. Being a part of that conversation means sharing helpful, relevant content with the world. It’s about drawing people in -- that’s why it’s called Inbound, after all. And most of all, it’s about creating marketing that people love.


Starting at the beginning, you’ll need to attract strangers to your site, turning them into visitors to becoming prospects. Some of the most important tools to attract new users are blogging, optimising your website, and social media. In today’s world, buyers have all the power. What about the last time you made a purchase? Did you call up sales asking to buy? Or did you hop online and do some research?


Once you’ve attracted new visitors, the next step is to nurture some of them into leads by gathering their contact information, and in return for content engagement and education. Things like eBooks, Whitepapers, videos, blog posts, SlideShares and more. Whatever information or content would be interesting, useful and valuable to your prospects. One of education and empowerment.


Now that you’ve attracted the right visitors and nurtured the right leads with engaging content, it’s time to transform those leads into customers. In the Close stage (converting leads into customers or clients) tools like email and a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) can be used to help sell to the right leads at the right time. Knowing who your Buyer Personas helps with the conversion.


Inbound is all about providing remarkable content to your users, whether they’re visitors, leads, or existing customers. Just because someone is already a customer doesn’t mean that you can forget about them! Inbound companies continue to delight and engage their customer base, turning them into happy promoters of the products and services they love. It's about creating marketing people love.